Paul Bader is a Romanian upcoming indie singer and lyricist. The music he cultivates revolves around pop and alternative ramifications of the genre.

His passion for music has been blooming since a very early age, and it manifested through joining the choir, learning how to play the piano and singing lessons. Although, it wasn’t until he started a YouTube channel dedicated to cover songs that he considered music as a career path for the first time. In 2017 Paul decided to leave Romania and “look for his own voice” by exploring the world. This is how he ended up moving to Denmark, where he exploited his inclination towards songwriting.

“I don’t necessarily want to change the world. I want to share with the world, to engage with the world”, the artist says. “Music is my diary. I write when I am happy, sad, angry, confused… It makes me relive those feelings.” Some of the artists he looks up to are Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Max Martin, Ryan Tedder, Marina Diamandis, and Julia Michaelson. “I love details. I love leaving hidden meanings in my lyrics. And I enjoy being involved in the entire process of music making, from songwriting to producing and mixing, but also in advertising and painting the visual image of a song.”